German Circus Uses 3D Holograms Instead of Real Animals

Wild animals such as elephants, tigers, and horses have been widely used in circuses for decades now. But today, things are changing for the better, and Circus Roncalli has shunned these old traditions.

Since its inception in 1976, Roncalli has entertained numerous people with their amazing human and animal performers. But in 1990s, the German circus supported the movement to discourage cruel animal practices by not using wild animals in their shows. Since then, they’ve only used domestic horses until recently. Thanks to the new technology, their new act has replaced all live animals with 3D holograms for their cruelty-free performances.

Roncalli is the world’s first holographic circus show to present trapeze artists and clowns joined by amazing 3D creatures. TAG/TRAUM, Roncalli’s agency, has collaborated with Bluebox and Optoma to install 11 laser projectors for a magical holographic experience.

Viewers can now enjoy Roncalli’s shows with the gratification of knowing that no real animals have been harmed. Jan Creamer, president of Animal Defenders International, told The Dodo, that circuses like this one are “the future.”

“This is the future of circus — a performance everyone can enjoy and for which intelligent, sentient beings are not used and depicted as objects of entertainment.”

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