Girl Uses Bugs as Inspiration to Create Eye Makeup

While some are afraid of bugs, others find them quite beautiful. Including, for example, artist Duran Jay, who uses them as an inspiration for her eye makeup creations. She always has been into insects but recently started to appreciate them even more.

She thinks that parents are those who plant the fear of bugs into their kids’ minds. And with her makeup looks, she wants to help people to begin seeing bugs as beautiful creatures.

“With my makeup, I try to showcase some of the most beautiful species like butterflies or jewel beetles, but also give a little appreciation to those that aren’t as pretty and typically evoke a bad response, like ants or silverfish,” she shares in an interview with Bored Panda.

Scrolling through her Instagram feed, you can see colorful makeup looks inspired by tiny insects. She first finds an exotic bug on the internet, and then she tries to visualize an image in her head. Lastly, she does magic with the help of her brushes.

Each product she uses is made by a cruelty-free brand. The looks she makes are usually done in a matter of minutes, while others can take an hour or so to be finished.

If you aren’t afraid of bugs, check out her Instagram see her work.