This Pet Sanctuary Accepts Cats With Special Needs

There are no “perfect” and “non-perfect” pets. There are just animals that deserve and want to live a beautiful life. Some of them are born blind, others were born with some kind of disability, or are just simply seniors who aren’t interesting enough. But no worries. This story has a happy ending.

During her career, veterinarian technician and cat lover Michele Hoffman saw so many cats which were abandoned just because they weren’t healthy or beautiful enough. When her cup got fed up with all the injustice, she came to an idea to found a non-profit organization, which later became Milo’s Sanctuary & Cat Special Needs Cat Rescue Inc., a loving and caring home for cats with special needs.

“Our promise when we rescue them is to provide a safe and loving environment for the rest of their lives,” Hoffman shared in a statement. “All Milo’s cats receive medical care and anything else that they require to have the best quality of life we can give them for as long as we can.”

In Milo’s Sanctuary, many cats can’t be re-homed. For those, there is a program called Lifetime Care Program, and they will stay in the Sanctuary until they cross the Rainbow bridge. But, some felines can be adopted in a loving home.

Take a look at their Instagram account if you are interested to follow their journey.