Google Japan Shares a Super-Long Keyboard Prototype Called Gboard Bar

Tired of lacking desk space because of how wide and clunky your keyboard is? Well, then rejoice because Google Japan recently presented a product that will make this problem disappear.

The Japanese Google staff created a keyboard prototype called Gboard Bar that takes up a minimum amount of space thanks to its narrow design. Instead of having letters distributed in six rows, Gboard has all letters in a single row.

The Gboard Bar was presented in a video uploaded on YouTube and quickly captured the attention of internet users.

“Until now, we’ve been focusing only on the “key’ part of the keyboard, but we start to think that we should be looking at what comes next, “Google Japan’s software engineer Hiroyuki Komatsu says in the video.

Gboard Bar comes with great workplace functionality, allowing more space on the desk for documents, easier cleaning, and typing with a partner for faster output.

As demonstrated in the video, Gboard Bar has a variety of other perks that are not work-related. For example, it can be used to reach objects and hit switches thanks to its 5.25 feet length while also working well as a measuring or walking stick.

You can learn more about this genius keyboard design in the video below.