Watchmaker Crafts Impressive Animal Sculptures Out of Spare Parts

Repairing watches requires a great deal of patience and attention to detail. This is why it isn’t surprising to see watchmakers like Hisashi Ito, venturing into art.

Ito is the owner of a store in Tosu, Japan, which specializes in watches and eyewear. After he finishes working with clients and repairing watches, Ito proceeds to focus on his hobby: making metal animal sculptures.

In his line of business, Ito often ends up with all sorts of spare parts that are headed to the trash can. So figuring there must be a way to still make them useful, this talented watchmaker started combining them to craft figurines of insects, reptiles, dogs, cats, and all sorts of other animals.

Being accustomed to working with small pieces, Ito has no trouble recreating the animals with extreme accuracy. Sometimes this requires using hundred individual pieces, but the effort surely pays off when you look at the finished product. 

At first, Ito only displayed the sculptures in his shop as decoration and a way to intrigue the customers. However, after receiving countless positive reactions, he is now sharing his works on Instagram, allowing the internet to enjoy these impressive creations. Check out more of them below.