California Bakery Creates Bread Sculpture of Han Solo From “Star Wars”

Image via onehousebakery/Instagram

Star Wars-inspired pastry and baking goods are nothing new. You’ve probably had a slice of Millennium Falcon cake or an R2-D2-shaped cookie at one point in your life. However, bread sculptures of Star Wars characters are something we don’t have a chance to see every day.

California-based One House Bakery recently presented a unique bread sculpture of Star Wars’ Han Solo. Named “Pan Solo” and created by mom and daughter baker duo Catherine and Hannalee Pervan, the sculpture captures The Empire Strikes Back scene in which Han Solo is frozen in carbonite.

According to Catherine and Hannalee, they used wood as a base for the piece and two types of dough in order to capture all the details and make the bread last longer. The duo needed weeks to get the sculpture done, and it became a passion project for them. 

“Mom made me leave it because I was obsessing over the lips,” Hannalee shared with the New York Times. “She was like, ‘You need to walk away.’ “

The hard work definitely paid off, as the sculpture caught the attention of Star Wars fans and helped One House Bakery to attract more business. Pan Solo is currently displayed in front of the bakery, where everyone can check it out while waiting on their bagels. It is also competing in the annual Scarecrow Contest organized by Catherine and Hannalee’s hometown of Benicia.