Guy Turns Old Shovel Into An Electric Guitar

Isn’t it cool when you realize that one object can have more than one function in your everyday life? Repurposing an object requires intelligence and creativity but the result is always neat. Case in point: this unique electric guitar.

Burl of Burl’s Art, found an old shovel in his basement. He couldn’t use it for anything meaningful, so he thought – why not make an instrument out of it? To be specific – a guitar, because Burl’s really into making guitars. 

With a little research, he turned an old, rusty-looking shovel into a guitar, and the result is amazing! It looks like a three-wire bass guitar: silver body, three strings, and a wooden neck without thresholds.

Not only does it look amazing, but it also sounds great! Scroll down and play the YouTube video to hear and see for yourself, and check out the photos of the final product below!