Explore the Deepest Parts of the Ocean from the Comfort of Your Home

You might think its already too late to find new and exciting places to explore on our planet, as humans managed to cover the entire Earth, but there are still some remote places left to explore. Amongst them are the deadly wet desert, and the deep, dark sea. Down there live creatures in complete darkness.  

Munich design house Kurzgesagt created a lovely animated educational video in which they take a deep dive all the way to the bottom of the sea.  The narrator, Steve Taylor, explains what nautical species can survive at different ocean levels and how light influences life at the deepest waters on our planet.

These places aren’t just deep, they’re Challenger Deep. Challenger Deep is more than 10 kilometers below the ocean surface. “Taking a swim here is like having to balance 1,800 elephants on top of you,” explains Taylor. But still, little sea cucumbers, as well as pink and white amphipods, live there. 

Sadly, although humans don’t go so far and deep, it’s not safe from human influence. At the deepest levels of the sea, you can still find pieces of plastic bags destroying the environment.