Meet the Hottest Fashion Designer on Instagram

It’s hard to break out in the fashion industry, but sometimes something as simple as an Instagram post is all you need. Just ask Tomo Koizumi. The 30-year-old fashion designer from Japan has been interested in fashion ever since he was 14-years-old, but he was never formally trained.

Fashion design was just a hobby and he started designing dresses for his friends in his twenties. A first, he designed form-fitting dresses, but about three years ago he changed direction completely. Instead of tight little dresses, Koizumi started using Japanese polyester to create big, ruffled, colorful dresses.

His unique dresses started getting attention from the fashion world, and Lady Gaga even wore one of his dresses. But it wasn’t until Sara Maino, an editor at Italian Vogue, spotted him that things really blew up.

Maino saw a photo of one of Koizumi’s dresses online and posted it on her Instagram page. Koizumi started getting offers from lead designers and stylists, and eventually organized his own fashion show! Today, he’s one of the hottest names in the industry: he’s been to the New York fashion week, opened his own store and is accepting commissions. And all thanks to one IG post!