This Girl Has Been Riding Horses Since She Was Six!

Most of us have some sort of special connection with nature – we may have a well-loved pet, or enjoy hiking in the forest. But few people are fortunate enough to have such beautiful connection with nature, as Lea Jell has with her horses.

Jell is a 16-year-old equestrian from Germany. both her parents are equestrians, so naturally, she grew up around horses. She was six when she first rode a horse, and by the age of seven, she started formally training in horse riding.

Jell has two horses, Imitado (or Imi) and Imperiosi (or Impi). The three train and compete in Working Equitation – a method of working with horses in farms and with cattle. This sport evolved from the traditional work that horses had on farms for hundreds of years. When machines started replacing horses, horse lovers turned what used to be farm work into a sport, maintaining the ancient tradition.

Jell has a very special bond with both her horses. Imi, her white horse, is calm and quiet, but also a bit shy. Impi is much more outgoing, but also a bit wilder. She loves them both and enjoys spending every day with them.

Jell uses social media to find other horse riders and form a community, and also to spread the love of horse ridings with people who’ve never ridden a horse. With over 130k followers, she’s well on her way to make horse riding the next big trend!