This Guy Wanted a Puppy, and Ended Up With Something Completly Different!

Sometimes, a chance encounter can change not only our lives but the lives of others. That is what happened to one college student and his pup. One day, a college student from Tucson, Arizona, heard cries coming from a shopping cart in the street. In the shopping cart, he found a tiny abandoned puppy. He immediately decided to adopt him, named him Neo and took him home in his car.

Neo’s behavior was weird from the start. He seemed to be uncomfortable and agitated – but that might be normal for a tiny puppy who’d never ridden a car before. But his behavior got weirder and weirder as time passed. He was growing at a dizzying pace and was full of energy, but he was also extremely timid and seemed anxious around humans.

Things started getting out of hand when Neo started escaping. He’d jump over or crawl under the fence to play with the neighbors’ dogs. There was just no stopping him.

Eventually, Neo’s family realized they couldn’t fulfill his needs, and sadly took him to the local shelter. But the shelter’s manager realized in an instant that Neo wasn’t a dog – he was a Wolf!

That explained all of his strange behaviors. Wolves don’t like being around humans and need a pack to feel happy. The family decided to keep him for a little while longer until the shelter found a wolf sanctuary for him. Eventually, he arrived at Wolf Connection Sanctuary, where he roams free with his new-found pack, happy as can be. A good ending to a remarkable story.