Han Cao Gives Life to Vintage Photos Using Embroidery

Most people don’t really pay much attention to vintage photographs if they don’t carry some kind of sentimental value to them. They are perceived as a relic of the past and often left to collect dust in some basement. Well, artist Han Cao is set on changing this.

Cao started a project called Forgotten Photos through which she breathes new life to vintage photographs using her embroidery skills. The way she does it is by embroidering different motifs directly on the photos, making an intriguing and rather unique art.

According to Cao, who previously did calligraphy, she started this project when she moved to Australia a year ago. After regularly seeing boxes of old photos that no one wanted on the flea markets, she decided to take them home and try to make them relevant again. The Forgotten Photos project was born and she never looked back.

Check out more of Cao’s work below.