Here is How 18 Different Countries Eat Eggs

Photo by Erol Ahmed on Unsplash

Eggs are among the most important groceries for many countries all over the world. They are great standalone food but are also widely used in cookery for making all sorts of tasty meals.

As expected, different cultures have different ways of using eggs for food. Some scramble or boil them for breakfast, others add them to soups, while there are countries that even made eggs part of their desert routine.

YouTube channel Food Insider recently decided to look into egg-based meals in various countries in the world and compiled their findings in an amazing video.

Their showcase includes Turkey’s combination of eggs, vegetables, spices, and cheese called Menemen, deep-fried Quail eggs from the Philippines, and Pastel de nata, which is a delicious egg yolk-based dessert originating from Portugal.

Check out how 18 different countries eat eggs below.