Home Owner Has a Genius Response After Being Requested to Hide His Boat Behind a Fence

Etienne Constable, a homeowner from Seaside, California, recently received a request from officials to hide the boat he parked in the driveway of his house behind a fence. Otherwise, he would face a $100 fine. Constable decided to comply in a genius way.

Constable built a fence and then hired his neighbor, artist Hanif Wondir, to paint a mural over it. The mural shows what’s hidden behind the fence to the slightest detail.

“After reluctantly building the fence and driveway, he presented a sassy idea to me that would require my artistic skills,” Wondir wrote in a caption of a painted fence posted on Instagram. “A painting of a boat in a driveway next to a house on a fence in front of a boat in a driveway next to a house!”

According to USA Today, the city officials were not agitated by Constable’s creative approach and instead praised the homeowner for a solution that “not only addresses compliance but also showcases a community-driven solution.”

Wondir’s mural ended up generating a lot of attention from passersby while also becoming viral on social media and generating headlines in media outlets.

The artist later shared a timelapse video showing the mural being made.