Sasha Vinogradova’s Insect Jewelry Designs Will Leave You Speechless

We are accustomed to seeing insects being used as inspiration for jewelry, and you have probably come across a few butterfly brooches yourself. However, it is safe to say that digital artist Sasha Vinogradova is taking insect jewelry design to a whole other level.

Vinogradova is a talented digital artist and illustrator who uses 3D and photo compositing “to explore a variety of themes like nature, sensuality, spirituality”. One of her projects that she is most famous for is designing jewelry pieces inspired by nature, mainly insects.

These pieces see Vinogradova borrowing the shapes and characteristics of butterflies, beetles, and bees, encompassing them in shiny metal and decorating them with gemstones, ornaments, and complex patterns.

When creating these astonishing jewelry designs, Vinogradova aims to make them unique but also connect them with other entries in the same series. This, according to her, represents one of the biggest challenges of the project.

“Each piece needed to look great as individual artwork, but also as a part of the series,” Vinogradova explained in a recent interview. “One of the biggest challenges was to decide on the right amount of ornaments to maintain artistic balance.”

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