Naoto Hattori’s Surreal Paintings Are Full of Whimsical Creatures

Naoto Hattori is a Japanese-born artist who currently resides in the United States. Hattori is best known for his surreal paintings that are inhabited by whimsical creatures.

The creatures that come from the mind of Hattori and appear on canvas are unlike anything you have seen so far. While they have some similarities with real-life animals or humans, they differ from them with their strange-looking body shape, unusual features, and one giant eye.

According to Hattori, his creations are a result of an intuitive process of painting during which he draws inspiration from his visions and dreams.

“My vision is like a dream, whether it’s a sweet dream, a nightmare, or just a trippy dream, “the artist explains. “I try to see what’s really going on in my mind, and that’s a practice to increase my awareness in stream-of-consciousness creativity. I try not to label or think about what is supposed to be, just take it in as it is and paint whatever I see in my mind with no compromise. That way, I create my own vision.”

Hattori exhibited his surreal paintings in the U.S. and abroad while also sharing his newest works on social media. Check out some of them below.