Hong Kong Ballet Celebrates Their 40-Years Anniversary

Ballet is a wonderful dance that originated from Italy during the Renaissance period in the 15th century. After that, it spread all around the world and was developed as a concert dance in Russia and France. Ballet requires discipline over the mind and the body and lots of practice to make every step perfect.  

Hong Kong Ballet is celebrating 40 years of their existence and decided to mark their anniversary by creating a unique photo campaign. Design Army is the studio who made the amazing photos for their campaign in 2018 and this year they repeated their success. Along with the talented dancers from the Hong Kong Ballet, they created a wonderful videography series and photos that show the beauty of ballet. With Maurice Ravel’s Boléro playing in the back, the dancers show their skills in amazing backgrounds with eye-popping colors, using pompoms and having dance-offs that will remind you of a Kung Fu duel. You can see them jumping in a sport field and drinking wine, while in the video you’ll notice extra talented grandmas dancing like nothing can stop them.  

We congratulate them on their anniversary and hope to see more!  

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NEW WORK 🎥 For @HongKongBallet's 40th Anniversary we celebrate with . . . Video 👀 Watch what happens when you mix ballet and basketball. Full length link in bio. Let us know what your favorite scene is comment below👇🏼★ #SaluteToDesign . Cheers to the most incredible team 🥂⬇️ . Creative: @DesignArmy Chief Creative Officer: @pumlefebure Artistic Director: @SeptimeWebre Assistant Choreographer: Luis R. Torres Director and Photographer: @DeanAlexander01 Editor: David Grossbach 1st Assistant Director: @ErinLynnW Director of Photography: @astrobridge Producers: @mkimproducer and Vivien Wong 1st Assistant Camera for Video: @kevinchuen 2nd Assistant Camera for Video: @terence1125 Gimbal Technician: @cheuk_ Camera Production Assistant: @finding_dorcas Drone: @nlokh Gaffers: Curtiss Li, Wong Wai Ming
Lighting Assistants: @TheodoricWong, @shw_scottie, @suni_mh, Au Tsan Wing, @thymichael Props Stylist: @diymafia Props Stylist Assistant: @szesze.wong Backdrops: Hins Productions Wardrobe Stylist: @christinedelassus Assistant Wardrobe Stylist: @yeslynnserulla Hair and Makeup Director: @bdale38 Hair Stylist: @Aligin1 Hair Stylist Assistants provided by @bruneblonde_official : @chancannis, @sing_428, @kid5518, @marcus_leung0128, & @andrewhau_168 Make Up Artist: @MegumIsMakeup Make Up Assistants: Marco To, @jacqlyn_muahs Sound Design: @nylonstudios , Sydney Colorgrade: @parkerjarvie, @company3, NY Casting: @truwesttalent Extra Actresses: Nip Chan, Chen Feng Zhen, Dahlia Tse, Sylvia Wu Interns: @liquid_015, @annie_images, @lexiepeterson.photo, Manliza Chan Drivers: Provided by Sidney Van Service and Shing Fung Construction Material Equipment: Cinerent, Rent a Pro, Salon Media, @rentacamera_hk Special thanks to Mrs Deborah Hung

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