These Glasses Have Hidden Galaxies That Come Alive When You Pour Liquor In Them

We all have special glasses and plates that we only use during big holidays with friends and family, special occasions or with someone special. They usually look amazing and we are terrified that the glass may fall and break, because it’s so pretty and unique for us. But no matter how exquisite your glasses are, they’re no match for these galaxy sake cups. 

Made by Hiromi Sato, a Japanese artist, these cups hide an entire universe in them that comes to life when they’re filled with transparent liquid. Each cup is a story for itself – they are all made out of stainless steel, but they are all painted by hand; that’s why all of these sake cups have their own unique design. To achieve this, Sato uses a special paint, then he adds a coat of lacquer and gold dust to make them shine. With this technique, the artist manages to create a mini universe that shines when you pour transparent or semi-transparent liquid in it. You can order them from Sato’s website and have a one-of-a-kind set that you can use with your friends and family.