Ichijo Hikaru’s Illustrations Celebrate Universal Beauty

Ichijo Hikaru is a Japanese illustrator whose work is different from anything else you’ll see. She uses Ben-Day dots and bold colors to emphasize subjects she represents without faces. She includes every race and body type, showing how beautiful diversity can be, which is rarely seen in the Japanese art scene.

“I originally wanted to be a graphic designer, so I did some design work at first,” Hikaru tells It’s Nice That. “But during the course of my work, I realized that I was more interested in the illustrations used on posters and packages than in the designs themselves, so I started illustrating.”

The influence of her graphic design background can be seen in her work, but her ability to replicate printing techniques in digital tools absolutely steals the show.

The artist has recently started exploring ceramics too, just as a way to relax. It’s her way to get away from the screens and create something three-dimensional in the real world.

Her plans for the future include creating more creative and overall better advertisement illustrations and continuing to grow her social media following. She currently has 26k Instagram followers and around 27k Twitter followers. Scroll down to see some of her recent work.