Sara Hagale’s Illustrations are Refreshingly Sharp

Sara Hagale’s illustration style is minimalistic, and yet she manages to say everything she wants with it. Less is often more, and that’s exactly what her art proves. We didn’t need much to fall in love, so check out for yourself below.

Hagale uses simple tools—a piece of off-white paper and a pencil to create fascinating illustrations. She uses a lot of white (or in her case, off-white) space for better effect. It feels like her illustrations can breathe which makes them very refreshing.

There are three reasons why she chose this style. Her graphic design education background is one of them. In graphic design, according to her, “the message is everything and anything that gets in the way of that may as well not be there,” she tells It’s Nice That. The second reason is personal, and it’s that she finds this kind of style calming to draw. The third reason is what she hopes to achieve with the viewer. She wants the people seeing her art to be able to focus on one thing completely.

Her Instagram page currently has almost 500,000 followers and we recommend you check it out if you want to see more of her work. In the meantime, see some of our favorites below.