If Tables Could Talk, What Would They Say?

    A single table can make or break a good party. Usually underrated, especially if it was a really good party, a single table could tell the wildest stories – if it only could talk.  

    A very observant Italian saw the underrated guest of any party and decided to tell us the aftermath of the party from the table’s point of view. 

    Or, what’s left of the party and the table to be more precise. They take pictures and accept submissions from their followers of the wildest or the calmest parties you ever witnessed.  

    The whole idea behind this concept is to keep the memory and spark good conversation years later.  

    At first it does seem as it’s all about wild parties, but ‘UnusualTables’ also focus on family lunches, sleepovers, picnic at the park or a coffee amongst friends at the kitchen counter.  

    The idea is always the same – along with empty glasses and half-full plates we leave the table with something new we learned and most importantly a new memory that will always stay with us.  

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