Having A Bad Day? This Art Will Make You Instantly Happy

Art can provoke all sorts of emotions in us, the viewers: awe, shock, sadness, even anger. But when it comes to Jasmin Dreyer’s illustration, the first emotion that comes to mind is pure joy.

Dreyer is a freelance illustrator based in Hamburg, Germany, who’s developed her own special style. She creates digital illustrations using bold, bright color palettes. She draw her inspirations from mythologies, movies, video games and history.

Dreyer has been drawing since she was a kid, and eventually went on to study illustration in university. She’s been working as a freelancer ever since, making art for private customers, TV, advertising and more.

 It’s easy to see why she’s hired by so many people: her art is just amazing!  Each illustration is full of details you can hunt for and make the overall piece so much fuller, and on top of that there are the bold colors that remind us of video games and animation series from the eighties. Her overall style is very retro-inspired, and what’s better than some nostalgia?

 We hope Jasmin keeps creating and evolving as an artist. She definitely has tons of talent and following her is going to be one hell of a ride. In the meanwhile, we can enjoy her beautiful work that’s already out there.