This YouTuber Brings Life To Ancient Chines Traditions

For most of us, “farm to table” is just a fancy title restaurants use to promote themselves. Most people will never even see a farm in their lifetime. But for this Chinese blogger, “farm to table” is a way of life.

Li Ziqi is a Chinese YouTuber from Sichuan province, China. Unlike most bloggers, she doesn’t live in a hyper-technological urban area, but in a remote village with her grandmother. When her grandfather died, she had to help support the family – so she opened a YouTube channel.

Like may Chinese villagers, Li Ziqi is used to making what she needs herself. She’s also experienced with ancient Chinese crafts, so when she had to come up with a theme for her YouTube channel, she decided she would film herself recreating everything from food to clothed and makeup in the traditional, pre-industrial Chinese way.

When she wants to make a coat, she doesn’t just used premade fabric – she crosses the mountains to buy raw wool from her shepherd neighbor, cleans is and weaves in into fabric. When she wants to bake bread, she starts by building a clay stove.

Li Ziqi’s videos are gorgeous for many reasons. Seeing her make whatever she needs instead of buying it is inspiring, as are the beautiful ancient traditions she brings to life and the gorgeous view of rural China. Her videos makes us want to go out there and live off the land, ancient China style.