For This Makeup Artist, Every Day Is Halloween

How far have you ever gone with you Halloween costume? Have you ever painter you faces to look like an alien or a zombie? Whatever you’ve done – it’s probably nothing compared what this makeup artist does to her face almost every day!

Lauren Mychal, also known as Mykie on social media, is an LA based makeup guru who specializes in special effects makeup. Unlike regular makeup, this craft involves anything from gauze and fabric to special skin-friendly glue to make a person look as unlike himself as possible. Special effects specialists are the people who’re responsible to some of the most iconic monsters, aliens and supernatural beings on TV and movies.

But Mykie isn’t a trained makeup specialist like most. She’s completely self taught, and had to leanr the trick of the trade by watching other artists on the web. Not that that makes her any less skilled – her talent and craftmanship are amazing, and by teaching herself sh’es also developed a rare and special creativity – she’d not bound to any rules.

Special effects are usually used to create scary makeup, but Mykie also makes light, funny looks. She’s transformed herself into the Grinch, Disney princesses and her own dog as well as more traditional monsters. Check out her videos and see if you don’t feel inspired to transform yourself too!