This Artist Recreates Homes On A Tiny Scale

Lots of kids have crafty hobbies when they grow up – sewing, baking, building train models or playing with Lego. For Jessica Cole, it was building dollhouses. But unlike most kids, she never grew out of it.

Jessical Cole is a creative director by day, and a miniaturist by night. According to her website, she’s been building dollhouses from the age of seven. Most kids bounce between different hobbies, their attention span not allowing them to lock on one and stick with it until it’s done. Not so with Jessica. Her first dollhouse, made of one cardboard box and a Sears catalogue, was her passion project. She was so focused on it her parent were getting worried.

Her passion for tiny objects ddn’t dwindle over time. As she grew, her skill and dexterity allowed her to create more elaborate and ambitious projects. Today her dollehouses are insanely intricate tiny versions of modern homes, with bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and even fully-furnished kitchens.

While Jessica has a “grown-up” career, she’s never neglected her hobby. Today she has her own online store where she sells fully-made miniatures, supplied for other miniaturists, and shares tutorials. She also has an IG account where she uploads her stunning miniature. Take a look and see – can you tell it’s not real?