Illustrator Creates Paper Cutouts to Add a Twist to Her Traveling Photographs

Ana Stretcu is a Romanian illustrator currently living and working in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She says that she specializes in “illustration with a strong aww-factor.”

“When I’m not drawing you can probably find me doodling on windows, burying my nose in children’s books or trying to befriend every dog I see,” the artist shared with Bored Panda. She is also the creator of the series called I was cutout for this, which is based on paper cutouts.

“I didn’t want my travel photos to end up in a forgotten folder on my laptop, so I decided to make them more memorable by adding a quirky little twist,” she added. “I created paper cutouts of me and my boyfriend and took them along for the ride. And the photos turned out extra adorable.”

She loved her project so much that she decided to keep going.

“And now they’re still going on little adventures, but usually closer to home.”

Scroll down and take a look at her paper dolls below.