Illustrator Treats Her Art As a Form of Therapy

Illustrator Yang Sio Maan majored first in English Literature before going on to explore her other passion – illustration. She graduated with an MA in Illustration from UCA Farnham, UK and since 2016 has been based in Macao, working in the art administrative industry and on commissioned cases for illustration.

“I have lived in Macau for most of my life, and living in a touristic city has developed me a pursuit for nature,” said the Chinese illustrator in an interview with Ballpit Magazine. “I’ve always loved to draw little comics but I didn’t know what illustration was until I took Children’s Literature in my senior year and fell in love immediately with picturebooks. Only by then I started to consider taking a step further and develop more in this area. I did illustration for MA study in the UK. I took the advantage by traveling and visiting museums and art fairs in Europe, which really widened my horizon. And the more I draw the more I’m sure confirmed that illustration is something I want to do for life.”

Now, fully committed to her work, she shares her unique illustrations on Insatgram, and showcases it in exhibitions in China and England. Experimenting with the different techniques she admits that her favorite mediums (currently) are watercolor and collage.

“I like how delicate watercolor can be and the way the colors fuse together,” she said. “On the other hand, I like to make collages using inked papers. Collage is fun to do and I often come up with shapes that I wouldn’t have drawn otherwise. Therefore, it allows me to be bolder with shapes.”

Treating art as a form of communication, as well as therapy, she went on to say: “I find it very therapeutic and soothing when I draw, especially at midnight. Somehow art gives me the strength to be true to myself. Moreover, it encourages me to learn more, feel more, and to walk out of my comfort zone to try new things. For me, art is not a final destination, but a gate that bridges one’s inner self with the world.”

Enter her magical world in the gallery below.

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#插圖小心情 從前我沒有喝涼茶的習慣。 近年不知何時起,每當上火或覺得太濕,便會想喝上一碗。雀仔園裡有一家涼茶舖我常去。它位於土地廟前,店裡有一隻毛超順滑也不怕生的喵咪。還記得早前土地誕,廟前每晚都有粵劇上演,我也去湊熱鬧。在涼茶舖前,我們一邊喝着去濕清熱的茶,一邊為台上「雙太子救母」而緊張,還時不時躲避雨水,似足了站在酒吧吧檯前喝酒看足球一般,實屬難忘。 . . 而對於涼茶,鄒芷茵是這樣說的: // 長大才知道,「寒涼」、「生冷」、「清熱」,跟天氣毫無關係,完完全全是廣東人的人生問題。再溫和的涼茶,也不免寒涼,但我們還是需要涼茶的。有的人需要廿四味,有的人喝菊花茶就好,畢竟涼茶不是中藥苦茶,不必追求「苦口」配「良藥」。 如今我偶爾會在家煎菊花茶,自己解決自己的人生問題;廿四味則從未喝過,也沒有要喝的想法。隨手抓一堆杭白菊洗淨煲水,直至顏色對了,就隔去菊花,放涼,入雪櫃前下點蜜糖。喝過自己那一杯涼茶,人生就會好起來。 人之初,性本善;菊花茶,廿四味。我向我的涼茶許願:這一生最好過甜,涼也不錯,總之不需要別人的苦。//(節錄) . . 聲韻詩刊 Voice & Verse Poetry Magazine第47期 【專欄 | 文字餐桌】—涼茶三字經(文 | Emily Chau 鄒芷茵;內頁插畫|洋小漫) . Illustration for Voice & Verse Poetry Magazine Issue 47 . #Voiceandverse #yangillustration #illustration #聲韻詩刊 #洋小漫 #插畫 #editorialillustration #illustrator #illustration_art #macauillustrator #hongkong

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