Sophie Filomena Creates Statement Art for Your Ears and Eyes

Bristol-based designer, stylist, and illustrator Sophie Filomena creates wearable art that you can either hang on your wall or your ears. Inspired by ’80s aesthetic and the Memphis Milano cultural phenomenon of Italian design, her work is made to evoke feelings of confidence that let you take on the world.

Graduating from the University of the West of England in 2014, she has since been involved in many projects including curating Art Shows involving up and coming creatives, and leading campaigns supporting local business. But aside from her day to day work, she also tends to her Etsy shop, where she sells selected prints and earring, made and designed exclusively by her.

Describing her style as bold and abstract, she told Ballpit Magazine: “I take my ideas from ’80s inspired sci-fi films and tech adverts. I’m really into cosmology and anything to do with theories of space and the universe. I want this to come across in my work. Currently, I enjoy working in pink and blue pastel colors and drawing landscapes from other worlds.”

“I guess I’m into pop art,” she went on to say. “I don’t draw characters often, but I admire Lichtenstein’s color palette and his way of using smaller shapes to make up a whole image. When people do feature in my work, they’re often women flailing about – mostly having fun and embracing girl power (however you want to take it). Lichtenstein drew mostly women too, and I think they’re an interesting median for expression.”

Check out some of her creations in the gallery below.