Infinite Puzzles You Can Do Over And Over Again

When someone mentions a puzzle, the first thing that comes to our mind is a pretty picture divided into hundreds of sharp-edged pieces which takes many long hours to be recreated. It can be real fun, but it is also a rather low-effort, uneventful activity. Or is it? Meet Nervous System, a company that redefines puzzles, turning them into infinite, wildly creative art pieces!

Nervous System is a design studio that likes to combine science, art and technology. They like to play with shapes and patterns, so they created a unique computer program based on processes and patterns that can be seen in nature. Using a 3D printer, they incorporate these patterns into the most incredible pieces of jewelry, futuristic housewares and last but not least – the most amazing puzzles you’ve ever seen.

The puzzles they create don’t have any edges, can be shaped in any form and have no starting nor finishing point. They’re inspired by the Klein bottle, a 3D shape where the inside and the outside are mathematically indistinguishable. This way, the pieces on the left side can be attached to the right side after flipping over. The popular Moon and Galaxy puzzles are actually made by pictures taken by NASA.