Feeling Stressed? Try Yoga With Lemurs!

Photo by Stephen Hickman on Unsplash

Thanks to the challenges of modern society, many people are often feeling overworked and stressed and in desperate need to vent. Some find their peace by getting lost in nature, others by playing with their pets, while the truly wise ones get their relief with calming practices such as yoga and meditation. And now, there is one hotel that offers you a delightful combination of all of these, which is practicing yoga in nature and in the company of lemurs!

Armathwaite Hall Hotel and Spa, located near the Lake District in the English countryside, provides a rather unusual stress relief for their guests. The 400-acre hotel ground is home of many different species such as alpacas, meerkats, lemurs and eagles. This allows visitors to relax while feeling closer to nature, which is proven to help lower stress levels and anxiety.

The ring-tailed lemurs, the hotel’s most popular companions, are very gentle creatures who love chilling out next to you during yoga classes. They may come very close and even sit on your lap or head, and will definitely make you laugh! Being such incredibly friendly creatures, these yoga-loving lemurs will help you forget about all of your troubles and enjoy their presence in a very relaxed manner.

Sounds amazing, right? Check out what the experience looks like in the gallery below!