Ingenious Pasta Art? Yes, It Exists!

What happens when you disobey your mom and actually play with your food? Linda Miller Nicholson from Washington tried it and the results were amazing!  

She learned how to make fresh pasta when she was just a kid, and now, as an adult, she learned that you can use natural ingredients to color the dough and create any shapes and sizes you want! 

Linda decided to see how creative she can get, and given the variety of available colors and patterns, her inspiration sky-rocketed in no time. The creations she shares on her Instagram profile look so unreal that you will wonder if they’re actually edible. And, yes, they are – all of her ingredients are 100% natural, such as beetroot, spinach, turmeric and pepper. You have to admit, eating a bowl of healthy rainbow pasta is a truly unique culinary experience.  

Not only that Linda’s ravioli or rotini are colorful, but they are also shaped like tinny adorable animals, cartoon characters, emoji’s, candies, or just random patterns that work well with each other. So far Linda works only in Seattle, but we all hope that her vision will expand and one day we will enjoy eating a plate of burger-shaped pasta with pesto on the side!