Instaception: the Trend of Turning Your Face Into Instagram Interface

Image by @aalexandriabishop / Instagram

Instagram trends come and go, from the really necessary – like body postivity or the open discussion of mental health problems – to the most absurd. At this moment, the emerging trend is most astonishing, because it consists of painting the interface of the social network accurately on the face, to take a picture of this achievement and to post it on his account with the hashtag #Instaception; a surprising mise en abyme that has quickly become viral.

The movement began after a post by professional makeup artist @dom.skii, who published a photo of him wearing post-Instagram makeup a month ago. Since then, many other make-up artists and enthusiasts have challenged themselves to reproduce the most realistic interface.

We can discover makeup very accurate and extremely well done, which is quite impressive. While browsing the hashtag #Instaception, one can also find examples that seem hazardous for humanity’s wellbeing. Who would have thought that the new trend would be to become a screenshot?

✖️INSTACEPTION✖️ "And something inside me just… broke. That's the only way I could describe it." This trend has been all over Instagram lately so I wanted to give it a go and recreate it in my own way. Through this makeup, I wanted to, not only, embody that social pressure of being perfect all the time, but I also wanted to represent the scars, depression, anxiety,… all those things that we've got hidden inside of us and that beautifully shaped us to be the unique person we are today. Inspired by @dom.skii @abbyrobertsartistry and @giamariewaits for the grey part. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 🇫🇷 Ce concept de makeup est partout sur Instagram ces derniers temps, du coup j'ai voulu rajouter ma pierre à l'édifice en le réinterprétant à ma manière. A travers ce makeup, j'ai non seulement voulu incarner cette pression sociale à toujours devoir être 'parfait', mais j'ai aussi voulu représenter les cicatrices, la dépression, l'anxiété,… toutes ces choses que nous avons cachées à l'intérieur de nous et qui nous ont façonnées pour être la personne unique que nous sommes aujourd'hui. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ✨PRODUCTS USED:✨ Tears are made out of hot glue that I laid down on a surface first to let them cool down. @lens.addict sclera lenses @sigmabeauty my set of brushes in collaboration with the brand @katvond lock it foundation, @nyxcosmetics liquid suede "alien" @anastasiabeverlyhills diprow pommade "taupe" @urbandecay "Born to Run" palette, and glide pencil in shade "lucky", afterglow palette, naked skin concealer @graftobianmakeup black and white face and body paint @joliebeautyofficial lashes @maccosmetics lightscapade highlighter ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #hudabeauty #peachyqueenblog #instaception #wakeupandmakeup #100daysofmakeup #crazymakeups

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📸Insta-ception📸 Here’s the look I did on my livestream last night inspired by my good sis @dom.skii , this is all makeup except from the profile picture and name! We also went with a instagram logo colour scheme! Products used: @makeuprevolution @makeuprevolutionusa c1 concealer @sugarpill @shrinkle tako, poison plum, velocity, butter cupcake @morphebrushes 35B palette @suvabeauty hydra liner in space panda and grease @eldorafalseeyelashes m111, c175 @nyxcosmetics @nyxcosmetics_uk bad to the bone lid lingerie, milk jumbo eye pencil @anastasiabeverlyhills @norvina medium brown dipbrow @inglot_usa 76 gel liner Wig from @uniwigs #motd#instamakeup #inglot #abhdipbrow #abhcosmetics #anastasiabrows #anastasiabeverlyhills #norvina #nyxcosmetics #nyxcosmetics_uk #eldorafalseeyelashes #suvabeauty #morphebrushes #morphe #morphegirl #sugarpill #makeuprevolution #revolutionmakeup #pictureperfectchallenge #undiscovered_muas#bbdaretoshare #wakeupandmakeup #eotd#hudabeauty#makeuptrend @instagram #instaception

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Slithering into that instaception trend 2 weeks late 👀🐍 • Inspired by @dom.skii @abbyrobertsartistry @milk1422 Wasn’t sure if I’d hop on this trend until I saw milk1422’s version of it where it was some dark creature behind the insta box, and that got my mind thinking what other dark creature can I turn myself into? 😝 • I’ve been having fun with editing lately, so as you can see I’ve edited in the lizard eyeball and tongue. I also added in my teeny profile pic, and username (I tried several times to draw it but couldn’t write that small!) but everything else is makeup & paint and took me nearly 7 hours! So I hope you like it! • Details: @wetnwildbeauty Face paint palette @mehronmakeup Paradise paints @bennyemakeup Clown white face paint & translucent powder @wolfefaceartfx Facepaint palette @katvondbeauty Shade & Light eye palette @suvabeauty Block Party palette for shading and the regular eye. Also used hydra liners Silver Lining and Gold Digger @rouge.and.rogue Lady Killer lashes @nakedcosmetics Holographic Highlight palette @jeffreestarcosmetics Crocodile Tears liquid lipstick

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"Instagram vs Real Life" makeup – is ALL OVER the social media platform. The trend involves creating a makeup look on one part of the face, outlining it with a realistic Instagram frame, and leaving the rest of the face natural. The end result mimics a real life Instagram selfie, within another selfie. @Dom.skii started the trend last month with his post titled "picture perfect". His look, which resembled Insta-ception, has inspired other artists to try the trend. These posts are shining a spotlight on the work, lighting and possible editing that goes into creating a flawless selfie that may be difficult to recreate and helping spread the word that makeup doesn't have to be picture perfect. 🖤 READ OUR NEWEST BLOG FOR MORE ALONG WITH FEATURED ARTISTS RECREATING THE LOOK USING MEHRON!! (Link in bio 👆🏽) Features artists on blog: @beautyinthe_shadows @riley.visuals @ryankellymua @samuel.rayy @minniemcgee @beautybyxcait @flawless_by_tenisha @wildroseartistry @blondiebeauty_12 @bambiglows @aalexandriabishop @courtneyleighhollins @torimichellemua @jessgonzalezmua #pictureperfect #instaception #mehrongirl #mehronboy #mehronmakeup

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Como você se maquiava a 10 anos atras e como se maquia agora? 😱😨 No lado direito, em 2008 com 14 anos, eu usava uma make bem EmoOoOxinha! 🙈 quem aí tambem passou por essa fase, princesas? Fresno, Nxzero etcetcetc. E do lado esquerdo, em 2018, com a maquiagem que mais me sinto bem hoje em dia 😌 Me inspirei na @sariellabeauty #throwbackpolaroid #instaception – Base Fluida @vult_cosmetica cor 01 Corretivo @rubyrose_oficial L1 Pó compacto @vult_cosmetica cor 01 e 02 Blush up mosaico @dailus Paleta de sombras WarmBrown @hudabeauty Caneta delineadora @vult_cosmetica Preto Batom superfix Duo com Gloss @oboticario Cílios Postiços MINK Coloração usada Maxton 7.4 @embelleze #jamescharles #wakeupandmakeup #hudabeauty #anastasiabeverlyhills #norvina #slave2beauty #LiveGlam #marysmotives #makeupclips #vegas_nay #makeupvideos #makeuptutorial #abheyeshadow #shimycatsmua #hudabeautydesertdusk #hairmakeupdiary #kyliejenner #melformakeup #eyeblogbeauty #eyerisbeauty #makeupgoals #fakeupfix #anastasiabrows #flawlesssdolls #bbdaretoshare #makeuptrend #motd

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