Jacob Hashimoto Mixes Digital Issues With Asian Ancestral Art

Image by @Jacob Hashimoto / Instagram

Somewhere between sculpture, painting and installations, Jacob Hashimoto – born in 1973 in Colorado – manages to connect a modern world and ancestral techniques in his art. His work focuses on video games and digital issues. He creates his works with kites of bamboo and paper, accumulations of circles that create shapes that can remind us of waves or clouds. By replacing the pixels with bamboo circles, Hashimoto pays tribute to Asian art by exposing contemporary clouds.

As the artist explains on his site, the cloud are a source of inspiration for him, being a recurring figure of art in Asia. The clouds serve as a frame, a limit to the composition and in Asian tradition they were related to many symbols, from the heavenly Taoist kingdom to the “lingzhi” mushroom supposed to resurrect the dead.

After having been exhibited at the Palazzo Flangini at the 57th Venice Biennale in 2017, the artist’s work The Eclipse is now in the Chapel of St. Corneille of the Governors Island in New York, a small island between the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty. Particularly prolific, recently Hashimoto inaugurated a monumental exhibition in Dallas in the United States.

You can see some of the Jacob Hashimoto’s artworks below.