Introduce Springtime to Your Feed With Chloe Hall

Going outside these days isn’t encouraged (and in most places, it isn’t really permitted). But this doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the benefits of spring. At least virtually, that is. Chloe Hall’s Instagram page is one of those virtual havens, forever in bloom.

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Based in Leicester, Hall is known for her natural themed illustrations, with a special interest in flowers. Describing her work as delicate, quirky, and humorous, her work will add some lightness to your feed. There are also a lot of patterns.

Incorporating loose line work with loose watercolor illustrations, Hall’s work can be found on anything from cards and prints to ceramics. “I enjoy having a handmade element into my work,” she shared with Jung Katz, “for example incorporating stitch into digital prints and binding my notebooks using my sewing machine, it makes it a little bit more me.”

And although her work zooms in on the natural world, she’s also interested in the meeting place between nature and people. “I am a keen observer so people watching is how I get most of my inspiration,” says Hall. “People surprise me everyday so a lot of the time peoples’ actions, conversations and their dress sense also inspire me. I also take inspiration from nature, the seaside and fashion.”

“I like to think I create work that people can relate to,” she concludes.