Teresa Lim Admits She’s Addicted to Embroidery

Teresa Lim’s embroidery is inspired by the people and things around her. An observer of people and a lover of textiles, her artwork has attracted a growing fanbase on Instagram, with more than 85k followers to date. It has also caught the attention of commercial brands, with selected clients including brands like Gucci, Changi Airport, and Swarovski.

But mostly, her embroidery is a way of life. Having graduated from Lasalle College of the Arts, majoring in Fashion Textile Design, Lim has been working on anything textile related ever since. “I majored in textile design when I was in university,” she told Create Magazine, relaying her background. “We had to go through a short course in basic embroidery, and that was the start of my embroidery journey. I started by working on samplers that were part of the course work, but I got so addicted to the process that I found myself hoping the course would never end!”

“Because of my background and training in textile and fashion design, I am always thinking of application onto women’s (I majored in womenswear) bodies,” she added. “At the end of my degree, I found myself being not so interested in the superficiality of design but in using it as a medium to highlight issues and tell stories.”

Her embroideries include anything from portraits to accessories (there’s even an embroidered mandarin peel!), all made with special attention to details and with an added touch of wit and humor. Here are some of our favorite pieces by her.