Introduce Your Children to the Animal Kingdom With These Illustrations

Looking for clever, amusing ways to pass the time with young kids, while in quarantine? Children’s books are always recommended, but especially now they serve a well-needed break from tablets and phones. With a growing fanbase on Instagram, children illustrator and author Katrin Wiehle is worth looking into.

“I have always been drawing and ‘creating’ things and never really wanted to do anything else,” said Wiehle in and interview with Lake. “I think I would be completely terrible at an office job.” On top of her work as a freelance illustrator, and having written 10 books so far, Wiehle is also a founding member of Paper Ghost Studio, a small illustration studio and gallery space in Candler Park, Atlanta, where she has been organizing art shows for the last two years.

Based in Atlanta, GA, she admits to drawing inspiration from her childhood in Germany, where she was raised in an old farmhouse in a tiny village. Being surrounded by sheep, horses, and chickens, it comes as no surprise that animals, in all shapes and forms, make a constant appearance throughout her work.

“I still travel back to Germany as much as I can,” says Wiehle, “so I can spend time with my family and friends and get my fill of the German breakfast and riding the train around Europe.” Her illustrations might provide you with more insight into her favorite environments.

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