Mike Lowery Doodles the World Around Him

Mike Lowery’s signature style lies between comics to a simple doodle. But sometimes, it’s the simplest things that make the most impact. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Lowery is a celebrated illustrator, with almost 200k followers on Instagram alone, and clients that include Scholastic, Hallmark, and Random House.

His somewhat naive style makes his work both approachable and funny, without losing its artistic edge. As such, Lowery’s illustrations can be seen on anything from greetings cards to gallery walls, and anything in between. But though his style might look relatively simple, understanding its ins and outs took time (and practice!) to figure out.

In fact, according to Lowery he still practices sketching to this day. “When I was little, I had a grandmother who was an artist and she encouraged my brother and me to keep sketchbooks,” he explained in an interview with Travel Channel. “Later, I had a college professor who required we draw in one every single day. It really forced me to draw a lot. I used my sketchbooks as a place to experiment with how I draw, what I draw and what materials I use to draw.”

“My biggest bit of advice is to make a point to draw for at least 30 minutes a day,” he notes. “For some, that seems really tough (it seemed impossible for me at first), but I think it’s incredibly important. You’ll find your voice and figure out how you like to work and draw. It’s also a great way of recording your progress as an artist.”

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