Add Some Softness to Your Feed With Nina Stajner’s Animal Illustrations

Nina Stajner’s Instagram page lies in a soft, tender corner of the internet (and these days, we’re doing our best to find these sheltered corners amidst the chaos). A freelance illustrator and graphic designer, her work features woodland critters painted in soft, earthy colors. It’s the kind of illustrations you’d want printed on your children’s’ blankets, and luckily, Stajner’s work is indeed featured on textiles, amongst other materials.

Apart from textiles, her illustrations can be found on products like enamel pins, notebooks, coloring books, notepads, and greeting cards, with her clients including brands like Papyrus, Little Blue Nest, Craft Consortium, Lilipinso, and Lake Coloring.

“Most of my work is drawn by hand the old-school way, and painted patiently with watercolors and gouache,” she shared with Society6’s blog. “First layers are quite relaxed, but at the end I somehow find the patience to make all the tiny details and make my characters come to life. I do all the repeat patterns digitally in Photoshop or Illustrator.”

According to Stajner, her inspiration comes from the world around her. “While I work, I love to stylize them, make them more simple and less realistic,” she notes. “But then I want to add so many details that they appear alive again. Like they actually exist somewhere in the world. Oh, what a happy place that would be.”

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