Introduction to Blues: Kevin Lucbert’s Pen Illustrations

Kevin Lucbert has come to be recognized for his blue-toned illustrations, made using biro BIC pens on Moleskine drawing paper—tools that are simple and light enough to be carried with him wherever he goes. “I like the idea of expressing the most with the humblest implement,” he explained his very specific creative choices in an interview with Jung Katz.

According to Lucbert, monochrome illustrations communicate his ideas best, allowing him to express his thoughts with greater visual impact. “Decorative and superficial elements become less important then,” he notes. Amongst his works, you can find ghost-like characters exploring dream-like landscapes, the color blue adding an additional layer of mystique.

“Art creates a distancing effect that allows the artist to express his own ideas to an audience in a peaceful manner,” reflected Lucbert. Based between Berlin and Paris, he’s also a member of the artist collective, The Ensaders, and participates regularly in performances and exhibitions. He has also collaborated with publications and brands like The New York Times, Hermès, and Starbucks.

With his more personal work, inspiration can be found in dreams, geometrical patterns, and other creators and writers. “I admire also children books artists like Tomy Ungerer and also comic books artists like François Schuiten and Benoît Peeters,” he notes. “Their wonderful comic book La Tour was one of my biggest influences as a child.”

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