Japanese Artist Creates Beautiful Coffee Latte Art

Most of us wouldn’t make it through the morning without a cup of coffee. Coffee is a like a magical drink that ignites our body system and makes life worthwhile. Not only does it smell good but is one of the easiest ways to call us to attention before we venture into the fast-paced day. When you are not lucky to make it in the house, you get chance to grab this special drink from the nearest coffee shop. As usual, some baristas always try to lighten your day by painting some amazing latte art.

Japanese artist Ku-san who goes by the username ‘kunit92’ on Instagram is an amazing baristas. While some baristas draw hearts, flowers and even recreate famous paintings, Ku-san takes her latte art to another level by drawing his favorite creatures – birds.

She owns a domestic parrot, Sakura and has a soft spot for all kinds of birds. When you visit her coffee shop, you will mesmerized by her latte designs.