New Zealand Artist Creates Gorgeous Animal Portraits

Meet Ashley McDonald an 18 year old soon to be university student who loves painting. She was born and raised in a small town in New Zealand and has a passion for creating art. She loves animals as well as the environment and it definitely shows in her art.

Ashley loves to create works of art based on nature to showcase the beauty that surrounds her. She loves her native New Zealand and its unique animals such as Weta, Kokako, Tui and Kaka but in general she’s a big fish and bird nerd. Currently she is studying for her Bachelors of Science and plans to contribute to environmental conservation.

Her art is not only a form of expression but it also helps her raise money towards her university fund. In the past, she has successfully completed a project “Ashley’s Fish Art” before branching out to animals of all shapes and sizes. Recently, she made 46 animals portraits painted using watercolors and pencils.