Joshua Davison Creates Mesmerizing Paintings Using Palette Knife

Most artists use a palette knife to mix their colors or apply paint to certain portions of their painting. But New Zealand painter Joshua Davison figured: why stop there? Why don’t go all the way and use a palette knife as the main tool for painting?

This resulted in Davison creating a series of mesmerizing paintings that are completely painted with a palette knife. Each painting from the series is focused on the organized layers of warm colors smeared on canvas in precise moves. The composition of his works leads to multiple interpretations as one viewer might see a circle bursting with color while others could think they are watching flowers in bloom.

Davison, who is a self-taught artist, initially started with the series as a way to learn more about color theory. But this initial idea soon expanded, and this practice now allows him to study various other aspects of painting, including symmetry, shapes, and contrast.

Besides his palette knife paintings, Davison is also engaged in several other art forms, including sculpting. According to his biography on Flagstaff gallery, he likes to work with multiple techniques and in different styles, which allows him to acquire a skillset “that can be used, manipulated or merged later on.”