How Benson the Street Cat Became an Internet Sensation

We all love success stories, especially when they involve animals. One of such stories is the story of a cat named Benson.

Benson is currently one of the most popular cats on Instagram, with more than 250,000 followers. His stylish outfits and great posing skills are fascinating to people around the world, and some even consider him to be the first “cat influencer”. But things weren’t always going great for him.

After his family decided to abandon him, Benson found himself stranded on the streets of Dubai. Luckily for him, however, one couple from the United States spotted him roaming around and decided to rescue him. Little did they know that he wasn’t just an ordinary cute kitty.

Benson’s new owners quickly noticed that the cat had an amazing feel for the camera. He would sit still when the camera was pointed to him and didn’t mind sporting accessories.

They continued to experiment and realized that Benson enjoyed posing and being dressed in costumes and stylish clothes. This inspired them to start sharing some of his looks on Instagram, which ended up wowing the social media users.

Benson is now enjoying life and setting new fashion trends. It’s safe to say he deserved and his story shows that you should never give up even if things take a wrong turn.

Check out more of Benson’s cool photos below.