Stuck in a Rut? Adam J. Kurtz Will Help You Out

Let’s face it. Social media can be overbearing. The oversharing and constant need for likes and shares can come at a cost. So it’s good to be reminded here and then why we turn to these applications in the first place: to enrich our relationships, rather than risk having them take over our lives and make us miserable.

Adam J. Kurtz might just be the cure to our problems. A semi Instagram therapist, he’s known for his dark but honest humor, sharing tidbits of advice for his huge following (on Instagram alone Kurtz has amassed some 310k fans). Outside of Instagram, he’s also the author of a book dedicated to life advice for creatives (though non-artists like us can also benefit from his sound advice). His planners are also quite a hit.

“Creativity is a huge, giant word,” admitted Kurtz in an interview with the Creative Independent. “I don’t think creativity is inherently good. I don’t think it’s inherently anything. Actually, I’m not even sure if creativity is the drive to make things, or if it’s the mechanism that allows us to make things. It’s so big, and the word means so many different things to different people.”

According to Kurtz, creativity is not a magical skill that you have or don’t have. In fact, everyone is creative: “I think creativity is one of the big, vague things that we all have that manifests itself in very different ways.”

It’s his positive (but realistic) outlook on life and creation that makes his social media pages a mecca for people who need a little break from an over-inspired hyper-ventilating feed.

“Sorry I forgot to post an inspirational quote,” reads a recent post of his. “I was busy feeling very depressed.”