Just How Deliciously-looking Can Cakes Get?!

Who says that being an adult has to mean that for your birthday you have to get a boring, brown chocolate cake with no sprinkles on top? If you want to celebrate your 35th birthday with a unicorn, ice-cream, strawberry cake, all you need is Lyndsay from Coco Cake Land.  

Lyndsay is a self-taught baker, a blogger, photographer, writer and a mommy from Vancouver, Canada. She started baking when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and during her hardest time it was the only thing other than her family that made her smile.

Lyndsay’s baked creations are so creative, pure and colorful, and they will make any heart melt. It looks like she can make anything out of cake frosting and butter cream. Manga or anime characters, animals, flowers, you name it and she can make it! She even wrote a book on tips and tricks when baking and decorating. Her Instagram account is always fresh with some new cheerful design she just made in her own kitchen.