Kate Bingaman-Burt’s Illustrations Are the Opposite of Minimalist

Kate Bingaman-Burt’s illustrations have a messy feel to them – the good, creative kind of messy. Mostly drawing, lettering, documenting, and collecting, she makes illustrations for all sorts of clients all around the world.

She is also an Associate Professor of Graphic Design at Portland State University and sits on the board of Design Portland. And if that’s not enough, she also owns Outlet, which hosts workshops, pop-up events, and a risograph print studio.

“Illustration is at the core of what I do, but my projects take on many forms including publications, prints, textiles, patterns, installations, murals, and ongoing photo documentation and crowd-sourced illustration projects,” she shared with Grain Edit.

“My grandparents were illustrators and my parents were weavers, but I wanted to be a journalist. It wasn’t until I made my first zine in college that I realized that I also wanted to do design as well. I blame photocopiers, Art Chantry, Plazm magazine and a totally amazing graphic design professor (Marcus Melton) that made me fall in love with design. Illustration is a TOTALLY different story since I actually HATED drawing for years. I hated it so much that I started a project where I tasked myself with drawing all of my credit card statements until they were paid off.”

“I picked drawing because I saw it as a form of punishment, but I fooled myself because several months into the project I started falling in love with making marks, drawing type and just the process of slowing down. That project lead to my “daily purchase drawing project” where I drew something I purchased everyday for 8 years. That project lead me to establishing my own illustration practice for other good people and companies.”

Check out some of her messy creations in the gallery below.