Lisa Clayton Transforms Breadmaking Into an Art Form

If you see bread as another boring baked good, that’s only because you’ve never stumbled upon Lisa Clayton’s Instagram page. She’s obsessed with sourdough bread, and each loaf that comes out of her oven is a true work of art.

Sourdough bread has proven itself as a great creative outlet for many bakers, but not everyone has the kind of passion and patience that Clayton brings to it. The California-based baker is really pushing the boundaries of the breadmaking process with her intricately designed sourdough creations.

Since cottage baking can be a very isolating activity because you don’t get to share your success and failures with other bakers right away, Clayton decided to start doing it online. Her Instagram page attracted over 50,000 followers, who became an important support network.  

Her enormous success online led to the realization of Clayton’s biggest dream. She opened the Beach Cottage Bakery in Redondo Beach, micro cottage-bakery specializing in sourdough bread. Despite her packed schedule, she still enjoys the creative process of decorative bread scoring and shares her impressive work online.