Rosanna Tasker’s Drawings are All About Work and Play

Rosanna Tasker’s illustrations show more or less typical scenes of people working and playing. Her subjects are portrayed sitting by the pool, grocery shopping, walking in the rain, gardening, traveling, etc. Many people consider some of these tasks mundane if they do them regularly in real life, but Tasker’s art adds a dose of magic to each of these tasks.

Tasker says that she had to “unlearn everything she was told at school and college about how she should draw” in an interview with Irina & Silviu. “That stuff is important too, and I do believe in learning the rules before breaking them, but to find your own unique style you definitely have to return to your uninhibited childhood roots and rediscover what comes naturally to you.”

She sees every new piece of art as an opportunity to challenge herself and try something new, developing her skills as she works. She’s excited to see where the future will take her. Check out her art below and on her Instagram.