Man Makes Adorable Hats For His Newfound Toad Friend

Have you ever loved a new friend so much that you wanted to do something nice for them? We all have. But, we probably all haven’t made friends with a toad, let alone made a hat for one. This man did though, and we’re absolutely thankful that he did.

Meet Chris Newsome, your typical guy who’s about to be your favorite internet “personality” after seeing what he did.

Apparently, Chris saw that there was one particular toad who frequently hung out on his porch. After seeing this, he did what every sane man in his position would do, he tried to make friends with the toad.

Now, he and the toad are pretty tight. So tight, in fact, that he’s decided to craft a couple of cool hats for the toad to wear, just because.

We are definitely not joking. We know how absurd this sounds. However, this actually did happen, and Chris isn’t afraid to document everything that he’s done for his toad friend so far. He’s even named himself toadhatguy on Instagram, which goes to show just how committed he is to his newfound friend.

For more photos of Chris’ toad looking all dapper and handsome, be sure to scroll down below.