Mateja Kovač’s Illustrations Will Help You Find Inner Peace

Mateja Kovač’s illustrations are a breath of fresh air — a reminder to slow down and enjoy the softer side of humanity. Colored in a light wash of pastel colors, her illustrations feature themes that include lifestyle and fashion, but without being too commercial.

“The projects I work on are varied and they all demand a different emotion,” explained Kovač in an interview with Viva’s. “You could say that I tend to surround myself with sources of inspiration that awakens a necessary emotion in me, depending on the project I’m working on.”

Having graduated with a Master’s from the School of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Kovač went on to collaborate with international clients, with her projects ranging from social media marketing campaigns to packaging and stationery.

“I believe that the ambiance in my work is much more important than the content,” she notes. “I could even say that my choice of motives and color is made considering the ambiance I’m trying to achieve in my illustration.”

With an underlying feeling of tenderness and softness, her illustrations are just the sort of content your Instagram feed needs these hectic days.